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Spiritual Formation Initiatives

Spiritual Formation Initiatives

Colossians 3:16 – “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom… from the Spirit.” 

This is God’s longing for us – that we would be a community where God’s grace and ministry is experienced and evident among us.  Alongside the ministry of small groups, Spiritual Formation Initiatives exist as opportunities to help us to grow in Christ together.  Each Spiritual Formation Initiative seeks to provide an opportunity for men and women to grow in one or more of the following discipleship basics:

1. Learning the Way from Jesus: Communion

  • Living in communion with God, through Christ, by the Spirit.

2. Learning the Truth from Jesus: Knowledge

  • Understanding life in the light of God's revelation - pursuing the mind of Christ.

3. Learning the Life from Jesus: Fruitful Obedience

  • Living in Christ, by the Spirit, in the everyday matters of our lives.  Representing Jesus in the places where God has put us.

When and Where?  Spiritual Formation Initiatives happen throughout the year at different times and places.  At present, the main forum for this is on sunday mornings during "the 10:15 hour".   During the fall and winter terms, we utilize the middle hour between our two sunday morning services as a venue for adult formation initiatives (classes/workshops). 

For more information regarding current or upcoming

Spiritual Formation Initiatives, contact the church at ::
Phone:  (306) 249-0084