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Ebenezer Seniors

Ebenezer's Seniors is a dynamic group of 50ish...55ish+ adults who gather regularly to fulfill the mission and vision of EBC through fellowship, growth, and service. Meetings are usually once per month during fall, winter and spring for a lunch or dinner, an annual Christmas banquet and off-site gatherings and events in the summer. While we don't have a specific age category if you are an empty nester, preparing for retirement or retired feel free to come check us out! Contact us by calling the church office or by email through the provided link.


Meet Bryan Conrad

Ebenezer has been home for the Conrad Family since 1994 when the oldest of our four kids was 13 and a strong youth group was critical to us.


My amazing wife Debbie and I have lived life with intensity, long enough now that we have been majorly blessed: our 4 kids are married to amazing spouses – they are all serving God and raising their families to love and serve God and, we have twelve grandkids - grandparenting is one of our major passions.


I have been privileged to serve here at Ebenezer since 2001 and I continue to enjoy the variety in my role and love the Ebenezer family.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally by clicking the button below.

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