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Youth Parent/ caregiver info

At Ebenezer youth, we seek to partner with our parents/ caregivers in the work they do with their youth aged-kids. 

In partnership with our parents/ caregivers here are some important things to note:

Parent/ caregiver meetings:


Comprehensive parent/ caregiver guide for Ebenezer Youth 2023-24 

We want you to know everything there is to know from speaking plans, cost, schedule for the 2023-24 calendar year so you are aware of all that is to happen at Ebenezer Youth next year. Here is the guide for that:

New to Ebenezer Youth parent info guide:

If you are a new parent here is a brief overview on introducing us to you! Click below to find it:

Weekly email

We have a weekly email we send out. Click the buttons below to register for them and to also register your youth-aged kids for youth here:

We meet quarterly as parents/ caregivers with the Youth Pastor to discuss important things happening at Ebenezer Youth, training from youth experts on parenting, to meeting our leaders. Here are the upcoming dates for 2023-24 meetings and what to expect for each one:

1. May 7, 2024, 7:00-8:15pm, what is going on for 2024-25?

Ebenezer Youth 2023-24 year-long schedule:

We aim to plan our youth ministry schedule 6 months - 1 year in advance so you are in the know of everything going on. You can access this via pdf or on our website calendar by clicking below:

Who is leading my youth aged kid?

We understand that you want to know who our leaders are so that you can have full confidence that your youth aged kid is being led by excellent leaders who love God and our youth deeply. Below is information on who our leaders are and how we screen/ train a leader at Ebenezer Youth:

How can I help?

If you are wondering how you can help give back to the ministry Ebenezer Youth seeks to do here is three things:

1. Send your youth here:

The greatest thing you can do is to allow us to partner with you in the spiritual development and discipleship of your youth aged kid!

2. Join our prayer team:

We have a wonderful prayer team that prays daily into what is going on at Ebenezer Youth all year long. For interest on being a part of that team, click the link below:

3. Join our parent/ caregiver snack team:

We have a team of 20 parents/ caregivers on a rotating cycle (approx. every other month) who provides snack for our Jr or Sr youth ministry at the end of our youth nights! For interest on being a part of that team, click the link below:

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