Journey Wall
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What is a Journey Wall?

A Journey Wall is a visual representation of the journey Ebenezer has been on over the past 30+ years.  It is a way to reflect on all the things the church has experienced that make us who we are today.

How can you participate?

We invite you to share a memory that stands out for you in the history of Ebenezer over the past 30 years.  It could be an event, accomplishment, hardship experienced; nothing is too big or too small.  These need not be only positive happenings.  If you have multiple memories to share, please include each one using a separate form so we can plot them on the timeline appropriately.

If you have a photo or visual that represents your memory, please feel free to upload it along with your completed form.

**If you prefer to print out your form and submit it in person, please CLICK HERE to download a PDF version.

Journey Wall Submission Form

Should we need to ask you questions of clarification, please provide how best to reach you.

Thank you for submitting your memory!

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