Ebenezer Baptist Church VBS is bringing the fun home this year!

While our VBS (Vacation Bible School) program is not what we imagined it would be this year, we are excited to bring you Faith Lab @ Home - a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) based program that brings faith and science together for five sessions of fun at your house or in your backyard!

Five easy steps for parents to follow:

Step #1 - Families worship through scripture music and song actions.  Get up, get moving.

Step #2 - Science devotion videos are engaging, and scripture packed.  Parents follow a simple 3-step plan to engage their family in the Bible.

Step #3 - Sink or float interactive videos are fun and engaging!  Stand if you think it is going to float, sit if you think it is going to sink!  Keep track of points and have some family fun!

Step #4 - Family science projects using household items!  Videos are tutorial-based, STEM experiences: Bridge building, catapult building and more.  Science pack available from the church or provide your own.

Step #5 - Participate in a fun game and Would You Rather?

Bonus Material - Activity books, music downloads, parent recharge videos and more.

Step 1.png
Step 2.png
Step 3.png
Step 4.png
Step 5.png


One session per week for five weeks, launching July 6th.  Choose a day and time that works for you!


June 4th - June 25th




Science Pack Pick Up:

Dates to be determined.

What is Faith Lab @ Home?

Faith Lab @ Home is a great way to bring VBS to your kids even when we cannot be together in person! 

When you sign up for this virtual VBS, you will receive videos and curriculum for:

  • Scripture-based worship videos and downloadable MP3s

  • Science-based devotion videos

  • "Sink or Float?" interactive videos

  • Family science projects using household items

  • "Would you rather?" interactive videos

  • Parent recharge videos

What Do I Need To Do?

Sign up with your email for the option you prefer (supply your own Science Pack/experiment materials, or have us supply them for you), and we will deliver the daily digital content to you.  We will be creating a Facebook group just for this virtual VBS, where we will be holding Facebook contests, and posting videos and skits for you and your kids to enjoy throughout the weeks!  Points and prizes available!

Is This More E-learning?

Not really!  These short, attention-grabbing videos are on-demand, and do not require you to login or watch at a specific time or day.  However, we will be posting a video on our Facebook Group each Tuesday with Pastor Lynette and friends to guide you through that day's Virtual VBS and weekly challenges.  Our hope is to provide you and your kids with some fun, exciting experiments while teaching them more about Jesus each day, and not to add stress to your life.  Whatever works for you is the perfect way to use Faith Lab @ Home.

Who Can I Invite To Participate?

This is a great opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, and anyone else you would like to reach out to while following all recommended government guidelines.  Faith @ Home is for everyone!

If you have any questions about Faith Lab @ Home, please email Pastor Lynette at

To register, text the word VBS to (306)249-0084 or click HERE.