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Whether you are just married and thinking intentionally about your marriage, or you are a marriage veteran looking to fine-tune your relationship, these sessions will give you tools to navigate the flow of your marriage. 

Couple Mentorship

To connect with a couple for mentorship 


Ministry Values

  • Relationships: We believe that the marriage relationship is a three-way relationship between God, and the Husband and Wife.  If our individual relationships with God are right, our horizontal relationships will work out.

  • Design: We value the design for a Godly marriage relationship presented in the whole of Ephesians 5:21-33. I demonstrate my love for God through the living out of my relationship with my spouse.

  • Process: We believe that God will continue to bring about change throughout life in a healthy marriage relationship when we are attentive to God and to each other.

  • Intentionality: We believe that every marriage relationship needs consistent intentional effort. And we strive to provide a community in which this intention is encouraged and modelled.

  • Caring Community: We experience our marriage relationship and are spurred on to relational growth as part of a caring community.

  • Good Communication, Grace, Forgiveness and Respect: For all in the Marriage Ministry community.

  • Conflict: We value conflict and honouring each other by being genuine with each other about differences and seek to understand what God may be saying through these differences.

  • Prayer: We value prayer because we believe God hears us when we pray individually, as a couple and as a community and God speaks to us as we pray.

  • Maturity & Humility: We value maturity and humility in understanding what God is saying to each person, and the character development that God is building into us as individuals and as couples


Meet Cal Fong


Hi there!  My name is Calvin (Cal) Fong and I serve on the pastoral team as Community Life Pastor.  I am married to Michelle, my beautiful and awesome wife, and we have been blessed with four amazing daughters!  In ministry, I love teaching, walking alongside others in their spiritual journey and seeing the truth of God's Word come alive in others!  In my personal time, I enjoy watching and participating in all kinds of sports (I'm an avid Senators fan and volleyball player), fishing, cooking, and when the opportunity presents itself, travelling.  

I would love to meet you, get together for coffee, etc, so please contact me and let's set it up!

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