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L.I.T program at Ebenezer Youth

An L.I.T is someone who is a leader in training. This is a leadership development program for youth in grades 7-8 (Jr L.I.T) and grades 9-12 (Sr L.I.T) where we focus on developing passionate followers of Jesus who follow Him for generations in practical and authentic ways. In order to apply to be a L.I.T you must read our documents below, meet the qualifications, and apply. 


To learn more about what it means to be an L.I.T read below:

Qualifications to Apply:

- You are in grade 7-8 (Jr L.I.T)

- You are in Grades 9-12 (Sr L.I.T)

- You are a believer and follow Jesus.

- You are desiring to grow in your relationship with Jesus and your leadership abilities.

- You have read the BGC Statement of Faith and understand that it is the basis of what is taught at Ebenezer Baptist Church

L.I.T documents:

Here below is our L.I.T document on everything you need to know about what being an L.I.T means:


If being an L.I.T is still of interest after working through these two initial documents you now can apply

1. Apply to be a L.I.T, click the link below to start the process:

Note- Everyone must apply, even if you were a part of the LITs last year.

If you have chosen to pursue to applying to be a L.I.T we look forward to hearing from you! After you fill the application we will be in touch with you!


Email Will (Jr/Sr Youth Pastor at if you have any questions

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