Youth Re-Open Plan

We are excited for another great year of pointing youth to Jesus so we can know and follow him together as a network of youth, parents and caring adults! However, our approach to program nights is going to be adjusted this fall to follow the provincial guidelines during this global pandemic. Please read and discuss these with your child so we can be ready for some great program nights together.

* Youth will need to be registered and then checked in at youth. Check-in will be a simple digital process by leaders, once youth have been seated for the night.

* Youth are encouraged to use the washroom at home before coming so as to reduce washroom traffic.

* Youth will need to bring a mask and be prepared to maintain social distance with leaders and other youth outside of their household.

* We will be using our new entrances and will be guided into the space and hosted by leaders. The space will be designed for social distance seating and activities.

*We won't have free movement around multiple areas of the church throughout the night, and during drop off and pick up. As always Leaders will guide the flow of movement throughout the night as we go to different parts of the building or outdoors, including the end of night dismissal.

* For the time being we will not be serving snack.  

* We are still developing our regular dismissal/exit/pick up procedure. For our kick-off event, we will be outside in front of the church having finished a socially distanced outdoor game so parents can park and your child will be able to come to you.