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About the Global Leadership Summit (GLS)

For over 25 years, The Global Leadership Summit has been inspiring, developing, and connecting people worldwide!

Over the course of two days, we provide curated leadership content from world-class speakers and inspirational leadership moments that catalyze growth. Every GLS brings together thoughtful industry leaders, academics, and practitioners to powerfully engage the audience and help leaders become more impactful.

Recognized as a transformative experience, the GLS is guaranteed to boost your capacity and confidence.

GLS 2023 Faculty
Faculty Headshot_Condoleezza Rice_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Dr. Condoleezza Rice
Faculty Headshot_Pat Gelsinger_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Pat Gelsinger
Faculty Headshot_Patrick Lencioni_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Patrick Lencioni
Faculty Headshot_Erin Meyer_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Erin Meyer
Faculty Headshot_Anita Elberse_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Anita Elberse
Faculty Headshot_Liz Bohannon_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Liz Bohannon
Faculty Headshot_Ryan Leak_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Ryan Leak
Faculty Headshot_Albert Tate_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Albert Tate
Faculty Headshot_James Clear_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
James Clear
Faculty Headshot_Dallas Jenkins_Re-branded_GLS23.jpg
Dallas Jenkins
Faculty Headshot_Craig Groeschel_Re-branded_GLS23_Digital.png
Craig Groeschel
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Host Site Registration

If you attend Ebenezer, please use the button below to register and receive our special host rate!

External Registration

If you do not attend Ebenezer, but would like to attend the GLS, please use the below button to register.

Emerging Leader Registration

Ages 25 and under can register for the GLS for a reduced rate!  Please use the button below to register.

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