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Who We Are

"Many gatherings, one church."


Our mission is to point people to Jesus and help them know and follow Him.

We point people to Jesus because we believe He is:

THE WAY - Not just the way to God, but the way to reconciliation, justice and restoration.

THE TRUTH - Not just the truth about God, but the truth about humankind and this world

THE LIFE - Not just eternal life, but a better and fuller life to live.

We help people know and follow Jesus through a process called discipleship. A disciple is someone who takes on the character, ways and mission of Jesus and helps others do the same (John 14v6, Matt 28v18-20).


Our vision is to establish and multiply multi-ethnic and multi-generational gatherings of Jesus followers who practically and authentically live their faith in every part of their lives and challenge others to do the same. (Psalm 100v5, Luke 1v50).


Our values guide us in our mission.  

We want you to know that as you join us, we value where everyone is in their own spiritual journey.  We embrace authenticity and honesty in how we share and relate with one another.  We depend on God’s Word to guide us, and we are inspired by God’s mission to reveal Himself to all people through coming to know His Son, Jesus Christ. (Eph 4v7, John 3v16, 2 Tim 3v16-17, 1 John 2v2).

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